LYSOCIL Winter Retreat and “Best Project idea” competition

January 16-19, 2020 @Sesimbra, Portugal

From 16 to 19 of January 2020 it was held the LYSOCIL Winter Retreat witch gathered group leaders from CEDOC-NMS I FCM, TIGEM (Italy) and WWU (Germany) to discuss and promote translational research in lysosomal and ciliary diseases. Under the scope of this event it was also promoted a “Best Project idea” competition between the several CEDOC-NMS I FCM groups involved in the LYSOCIL project.

The best project idea was evaluated based on its innovation, feasibility, collaborative and funding potential and the winning group will have the opportunity to travel to the TIGEM facilities in Italy to prepare the continuation of the project for a joint proposal for funding opportunities. Congratulations to the winning group: Tatiana Burrinha, Hugo Moreiras, Miguel Mesquita, Sara Pestana and Sandra Tenreiro.