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English version with English subtitles

LYSOCIL Project´s public deliverables on the project communication

Under the scope of WP7 “Dissemination and Communication”, the LYSOCIL project has produced a set of reports that explain the dissemination and communication activities that are being organized to raise awareness on the project’s activities and outputs among its key targets.

WP7 supports the project’s implementation with the main objective of communicating and disseminating information about RDs and in particular lysosomal diseases and ciliopathies, to ensure the highest possible impact across and beyond the consortium.

You can download the following deliverables:
D7.2 - Project website launch and Visual Identity Guide: explains the creation of the LYSOCIL logo and website design.
D7.3 – Communication and promotional materials I: explains the promotional materials and the communication activities.
D7.6 - e-LYSOCIL RDs Research HUB launch: explains the website general structure.