Logotipo da Maratona da Saúde

Maratona da Saúde

The Maratona da Saúde (www.maratonadasaude.pt) is a non-profit, public utility Association that in partnership with RTP (the Portuguese public broadcasting service) launched a “Telethon-like” format in Portugal, similar to the one organized in other European countries. This innovative project combines science, health and entertainment to raise awareness and funds for Biomedical Research in Portugal, integrating the Portuguese culture by engaging several types of public and sectors of the society.

Each edition of Maratona da Saúde is dedicated to a theme, and it consists on the organization of several initiatives across the country to create awareness and fundraise for research in specific diseases. These events culminate in a main annual fundraising TV show broadcasted live in RTP 1 and RTP International for several consecutive hours. The past 6 editions were dedicated to Cancer (2 editions), Diabetes, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases and Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies, respectively, and the 7th edition relates to Rare Diseases.
Join our cause by calling 760 20 60 90 (0,60€+VAT) or by donating 0,5% of your annual taxes with no cost for the donor.