November 8, 2021

LYSOCIL Summer School 2021

The LYSOCIL Summer School will take place between 8th - 12th November 2021 at CEDOC facilities.

This event relies mainly on hands-on sessions with practical components. The participants will gain theoretical knowledge and will be introduced to protocols and scientific methods related to lysosome and cilia biology, as well as being assisted to solve specific problems. We will have fun science mini-projects around lysosomes and cilia research topics. It will count with a renowned panel of experts.

Registration: This is a free event but registration is needed. Please register HERE

Deadline: 22th October 2021

The Agenda will be sent after your registration.

We invite you all to participate!

Poster Summer School 2021

LYSOCIL Summer School lab work abstracts

[Schedule] - Summer School


November 3, 2021

Staff Exchange on "Genotyping for identifying genes that cause ciliopathies"

The LYSOCIL Staff Exchange 8 - "Genotyping for identifying genes that cause ciliopathies" will be held from 3th to 5th November 2021 at CEDOC-NMS facilities.

Bernd Dworniczak & Petra Pennekamp experts from University of Münster will provide training on genotyping for identifying genes that cause ciliopathies. One expert will provide training in the technological set up and the definition of the analysis strategy (panel vs WES vs WGS vs transcriptome and establishment of targeted panels), including the difficult cases; and the other one will introduce novel bioinformatic tools.


[Schedule] - Staff Exchange 8 - "Genotyping for identifying genes that cause ciliopathies"