Staff Exchanges in “Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) and in Immunostainings”

July 10-27, 2019 @ WWU

Margarida Rasteiro, PhD student from Susana Lopes’ Lab (CEDOC-NMS|FCM) received training on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) (SE2) at Niki Tomas Loges’ Lab (WWU) from 9th - 27th July 2019. The activity plan was focused on: working in a GMP-compliant facility and understanding its importance; cell culture and maintenance of hPSCs; cryopreservation, thawing, plating, and passaging techniques; reprogramming with Sendi virus and identification of iPSCs and differentiation and characterization methods for iPSCs.

Pedro Sampaio, PhD student Susana Lopes’ Lab (CEDOC-NMS|FCM) received training on immunfluorescence analyses at Heymut Omran’s laboratory (WWU) with Dr. Niki Tomas Loges as main supervisor, from 9th -16th July 2019. The training included tools for PCD diagnosis and the activity plan was focused on: clinical examination and sampling of respiratory cells for high speed videomicroscopy and immunostaining; high speed video microscopy and immunostaining developed in Omran’s lab.

Staff Exchange “Research funding offices capacity building”

July 2-3, 2019 @ WWU Münster

The LYSOCIL Staff Exchange “Research funding offices capacity building”, took place on the July 2 and 3 at WWU Münster facilities, and aimed to promote the networking and sharing of best practices among the research funding offices of the partners of the Twinning project.

This Staff Exchange provided a unique exchange of expertise and experience between the project managers and scientific office members of the partner institutions [CEDOC-NMS|FCM] (Portugal), WWU (Germany) and [TIGEM (FTELE.IGM)] on project management, proposal preparation and funding opportunities, allowing to compare different approaches and views on European and International funding possibilities, proposal preparation & evaluation and cross-cutting issues.

Program available here

Workshop Research Funding Offices

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