LIG session dedicated to “Up-regulation of APP endocytosis by neuronal aging”

On 11th December 2020 it was held a LIG session (via Zoom) with the title "Purification and characterization of dysfunctional lysosomes in chronic age-related disease models" presented by Miguel Mesquita, Master student at Miguel Seabra´s laboratory (CEDOC-NMS I FCM).

Virtual Think Tank (VTT) session dedicated to “Methods to analyze lysosomes”

December 3, 2020 @Zoom

On 3rd December 2020 it was held remotely the LYSOCIL Virtual Think Tank (VTT) on the "Methods to analyze lysosomes” with 26 participants. Michael Hall from CEDOC-NMS I FCM presented 'Characterization of lysosomes by EM', Leopoldo Staiano from TIGEM presented “Microscopy methods to characterize lysosome biogenesis and function” and Carmine Settembre also from TIGEM presented “Biochemical methods to characterize lysosomes”. The discussion was focused on the challenges in defining what is a lysosome, the characterization of different lysosome subsets and the writing of a manuscript with guidelines for analysis of lysosomes (format, scope, topics). The goal of this session is to define a standard protocol with techniques and parameters for the analysis of lysosomes and the expected outcome is the submission of a paper with guidelines for the analysis of lysosomes.

“Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia”

The LYSOCIL project was presented on 24th November on the “Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia”, an initiative dedicated to the promotion of science that is carried out in Portugal and presents scientists and their contributions for the progress of knowledge, for the promotion of the scientific culture, and for the well-being of society.

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