Second LIG session dedicated to 'Modelling retinal degenerative diseases using 3D retinal organoids'

The second LIG session was held on 3rd July 2020 via Zoom and the speaker was Luísa Lemos, Postdoc from Miguel Seabra's group (CEDOC-NMS I FCM). The session was entitled 'Modelling retinal degenerative diseases using 3D retinal organoids'. Three-dimensional (3D) retinal organoids derived from human induced-pluripotent cells (iPSCs) recapitulate the cellular organization and the light sensitivity of the human retina. The group recently implemented this cell culture model that resembles the complexity of the retinal tissue. The researchers are currently exploring the co-culture of  organoids and retinal pigmented to epithelium (RPE) cells as a model to study diseases involving lysosomal dysfunction that lead of vision loss and blindness.

Rare Disease