LYSOCIL Interest Group sessions

The LYSOCIL project has launched the LYSOCIL Interest Group sessions. The main goal of these sessions is the promotion and discussion of themes related with the biology and the functions of the lysosome in the cellular physiology and pathology. In these sessions Master students, PhD students and Postdocs present and discuss their results with PIs and senior researchers.

The first session was held on 5th June 2020 via Zoom and the speaker was Susana Lopes, group leader at CEDOC-NMS I FCM. The session was entitled "Time for breaking left-right symmetry". The LYSOCIL group led by Susana Lopes has shown new results on the early establishment of left-right asymmetry by using a new technical approach that allowed for groundbreaking discoveries. Indeed the researchers involved can extract picoliter amounts of the fluid from inside the left-right organizer and demonstrated that this transient organ has a sensitive time-window for performing its developmental function. The multidisciplinary study is part of the PhD thesis of Pedro Sampaio and is now being prepared for submission with the collaboration of mathematicians and physicists.

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