“Dia Solidário” of Maratona da Saúde on RTP1 and RTP Internacional

30.10.2020|10h00-13h00 e 15h00-17h30

On 30th October it will be held the “Dia Solidário” of Maratona da Saúde which will be broadcast live on RTP1 and RTP Internacional, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5:30 pm, within the scope of Maratona da Saúde´s 7th Edition dedicated to Rare Diseases, under the theme “Will the Rare be so Rare”.

This program will have the participation of many testimonies from patients, associations, clinicians, scientists and public figures with the goal to raise awareness and donations to fund the Maratona da Saúde Prizes for Research on Rare Diseases.

The LYSOCIL project and CEDOC-NMS I FCM research in the area of rare diseases will also be referenced through the participation of Duarte Barral and Susana Lopes, Coordinators of the LYSOCIL project.


Rare Disease